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About Squeaky and Co.

Squeaky and Co. strives to put smile on your dog. We believe “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Our commitment to create safest, highest quality, and the most entertain pet products because (why not) your dog deserves this. Dogs are our best friend and family member. Cherish each time they smile because those are the most valuable moments anyone could ask for. 

Squeaky and Co. will collaborate with different small businesses in a variety of industries. This enables us to come up with more creative and innovative ideas to enrich this world. Helping to create a better pet community is what we strive for. We are constantly thinking how we can squeeze more joy out of your pet’s daily life. Our commitment to creating a community where people can help each other to those who need it. That is why when you purchase a toy from us, we will donate a toy to local animal services. This way you are not only fulfilling your pet’s happiness but also those furry friends who haven’t found their forever home yet. Your small little gesture can make a big difference. Let us all be part of this journey onto building a wonderful pet community with more love. 

Same concepts apply to our packaging design where we focus on taking care of our planet and try to minimize the waste by using recycled materials. It is our commitment to reduce waste and also our effort toward environmental sustainability.

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